Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

DOs & DON'Ts

Do moisturize
Do have a pre and post-shave routine
Do care from the inside (take care your health)
Do weat it out
Do block the sun

Don't pop pimples
Don't dry shave
Don't sleep on dirty sheets
Don't touch your face

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to get better skin in 3 basic steps


If you asked me, cleansing is the most important thing you can do for your face. If you let the excess oil and dirt stay in your face, it could clog pores, which leaves the skin prone to breakout. Recommended SK-II product, SK-II Facial Cleanser which would cost you about RM150.00 per unit. If you are too busy to take care your skin, spend time to wash your face at least once a day.


If you think that your face is clean enough after using the face wash, you're completely wrong. A cleanser washes away oil and dirt on the surface, but what about all that nasty stuff deep down in your pores? Normally, people will suggest you to exfoliate your face by using good scrub but since my skin is really sensitive, I'm opted SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotionn as one of my facial regime. It's help to remove all the debris that normal washing couldn't touch and allows the skin to better absorb moisturizers.


I hate to apply moisturizer as I'm always late to go to work. Sometimes I wonder, do I really need moisturizer? Since I got it free, why not try to put it on my face. Moisturizer replenishes the skin’s moisture content and prevents razor burn. A moisturizer with SPF will also provide a critical shield against the sun. Recommended SK-II product, SK-II Facial Clear Solution. I'm yet to see the result but will let you know later. Don't worry about it.

Then, when do we apply SK-II Facial Treatment Essence? Before moisturizer. The benefits? I'll update in my future entry.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Secretly admiring SK-II

While browsing the internet to search about SK-II products, I found that most of consumers are women. Oh boy, suddenly I felt such an embarrassment to post review about SK-II. It's really difficult to find reviews wrote by men and who gonna admit that they are secretly using the SK-II in their daily life. That's why I created this new blog just to share something that cannot be posted in my personal blog. I'm just not ready yet and I believe most women are also still not ready to hear this kind of revelation.

Well, our hormone works differently, right? Female with their oestrogen and male with testosterone. Therefore, maybe SK-II might not works perfectly as what miracle water has done to female. I'm not a scientist so maybe I'm wronged! To try a new product that is totally alien to us, could be very terrifying for some guys. Even myself, until now, I still remember the day I approached SK-II, I risked everything just to ask about the product.

After a year using SK-II, I'm not gonna not lie that I still got acne but maybe because I'm not religiously used the product. Can you name any guy who would love to spend 30 minutes TWICE a day (day & night) in front of the mirror just to put up all those things on their face - toner, essence and moisterizer? Seriously, in 30 minutes there a lot of things can be done! I only do the basic steps - using the SK-II Facial Wash & SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Just recently I added my products because got it free. But my skin has improved alot - skin tone changed and less acne. I have an oily skin so it's hard to get rid from acne. I'm not sure until when I'm gonna use SK-II and can't imagine how to confess to my girlfriend/wife that I'm a regular user of SK-II. Just pray that day never comes! Sometimes I wonder, what if one day I receive an invitation to attend SK-II Tea Party? Will I go?

The Seven Wonders of Pitera

Monday, January 4, 2010

SK-II Skin Signature Series

The SK-II Skin Signature Series is about Skin Power and its tipping point. Principal scientist and associate director, scientific communications and public relations for P&G Beauty Dr Colin D’Silva explains further to Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan from New Straits Times.

Q: What makes the Skin Signature Series such an important milestone in the development of anti-ageing technology?
A: The new insights of skin power and its tipping point. This is the first time that we have been able to explain the sudden appearance of multiple ageing signs during age milestones like the 30s (when skin experiences the first major tipping point). The other would be the powerful combination of oli-vityl, pitera and signaline that has shown tremendous results in boosting skin power.

Q: What is skin power?
A: It’s the skin’s natural ability to withstand stress and maintain its texture, radiance and firmness. Skin without skin power is dull, less firm and rough.

Q: Does everyone have a skin tipping point? What is the average age this occurs?
A: Our research has found that the tipping point typically occurs in the 30s, but this varies with each individual and can occur anytime between the 30s and the 50s.

Q: Why is skin power and skin tipping point important to women?
A: SK-II’s research has found the key to restoring your skin power to fight off intrinsic and extrinsic stress, and regenerate itself for sustained firmness, smoothness and radiance. As skin power declines with age, there is a tipping point marked by a sudden change when skin ageing signs become more obvious.

Q: Why should someone use this product if she is in her 40s and already past her tipping point? 
A: The series is designed to help women increase their skin power. The regimen can help women who are at the pre-tipping point or tipping point phases to prolong these phases. Those who are in the post-tipping point phase will be able to restore their skin, bringing it closer to its pre-tipping point phase.

Q: Where can I measure my skin power?
A: SK-II has developed an advanced tool called the SkinPhone to help consumers measure skin power quotient (SPQ) which are available at SK-II counters.

Q: What makes this product different from other branded anti-ageing creams?
A: The series is designed to enhance the skin’s tolerance against intrinsic and extrinsic stress. This daily skin essential goes beyond rectifying problems to boost skin power from within with its powerful cocktail of oli-vityl, signaline and pitera. Studies showed visible improvements in eight weeks with recommended regular use.

Comment: Referring to this article, SK-II Skin Signature Series is more suitable for women than men. Personally, I believe all men should embrace ageing as it's shown maturity and wisdom. But maybe I'll change my mind after reach mid 30s later.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why SK-II? Not Lab Series?

My first experience with SK-II started October 2008 when I'm looking for new skin care product. Previously, I kept changing my facial wash from Safi, Neutrogena, Nivea & many other brands. I believe I have spent a lot of money for facial wash only but never satisfied with the result. My skin still looks dull and unhealthy. Some might asked, how do I know my skin product(s) do not give an expected result? When I saw pictures of me with others. While others look radiant, I'm still hiding in the shadow.

As a man, my first option was Lab Series products. After reading about it in the Men's Health magazine, maybe that's what I really need for my skin. Looks affordable and created exclusively for men. So, I approached Lab Series counter at Sogo Shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, nobody was there. After waiting for several minutes, someone came and started promoting the products. Since I'm not really used to this products, I have asked a lot of questions that day. But maybe because the way I'm dressed that day was too simple and potrayed an image of "people with no money" (t-shirt, jeans & sandal), the promoter gave me a synical look and quite reluctant to answer my questions. That's how people can be easily deceived by looks only. Never judged a book by its cover. Frustrated with the response I got, changed my mind and decided to stick with my current product.

While waiting for my friend to purchase his perfume, I tried to wander around and noticed Clinique, Dior, YSL and many more (just to name a few). Then SK-II. Hrmm... should I give SK-II a try? But this brand only been used by women. Never read anywhere in the men's magazine excepts as a gift for your lovely wife. Reviews for men? None. Anxiously, I approached the counter and my first question was "Miss, sorry if this sound a little bit akward. Can man used this product too?". With a warm smile, the promoter answered, "Why not? Yes, SK-II is very popular with women but there is no restriction why men cannot try this. Why, are you interested?". Then she explained all the basic info that I needed to know and for a start, she recommended me to try SK Facial Treatment Essence - the most basic but powerful product from SK-II. If I satisfied with the result, then maybe I should consider other products later but subject to my budget. The best thing about this product is you could use it with other brand too. I tried it and as far as I noticed, no side effects.

The first experience that gonna change your life - Yes, I believe I make the right choice to give SK-II a try. Of course, the price for SK-II is expensive but the products could be last up to 3 - 6 months depending on how you are using it. Each product will expire three years from the manufacturing date and should be enough to convince you why this products are affordable in the long run. Btw, to all promoters, never judged people from their appearances but thanks to Lab Series' promoter, now I'm a loyal SK-II's customer.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

SK-II Christmas sets

JOIN in the fun with SK-II, and treat yourself and your loved ones to a unique pitera experience that is claimed to help bring about a transformation for your skin. There are seven Christmas sets to choose from.

Presented in an exquisite leather case, each set consists of SK-II’s star product, the Facial Treatment Essence, as well other skincare innovations such as the Skin Signature range (Miracle Gift Set); Pitera Discovery Set; Pitera Commitment Set; Pitera Radiance Set; Pitera Revival Set; Pitera Inspiration Set containing a limited-edition range of SK-II LxP products, the premium, luxury range; and the Pitera Fill-at-Will Set, a special personalised gift set which allows you to pick three favourite SK-II products. Available at SK-II counters.

My first entry on SK-II

The blog still under construction. Will be up soon. But while waiting I post entries on my experience, I'll try to update on the latest promotions or reviews by others too. I know, it's very difficult to find reviews by men who are actively using SK-II as their facial wash & etc.

At first, let me introduce myself. I'm a guy, from Malaysia, 26 yo and start using SK-II for one (1) year already. My first product, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and now almost have the full products under commitment set. My latest purchase is SK-II WS Derm-Renewal Essence. Why I stick to this brand? Keep reading my blog, ok!

Friday, January 1, 2010

History of SK-II

I'll not do my own research by interviewing all the creator or founder of this company/brand. So, allow me to just copy and paste directly from wikipedia. SK-II is widely used by women and often considered one of the most expensive beauty brands in the world. As the most "trusted" website, so why not we just trust wikipedia to do all the works?

The history of SK-II goes back over 30 years ago when a scientist in Japan noticed the very soft and youthful hands of women working in a Japanese saké brewery. After years of research the scientists were able to isolated the natural, nutrient-rich liquid which they called, Pitera.

In 1980, the Japanese branch of Max Factor acquired rights to the ingredient, and launched the first cosmetic product containing the ingredient: Max Factor Success Key with Pitera. Although only modestly successful, its customer base was very loyal, so Max Factor expanded the range, renaming it Max Factor SK-II.

Max Factor would flip through five different owners, each of whom ignored the SK-II product, until 1995, when current owner Procter and Gamble executive and brand manager A.G. Lafley was sent to Japan to overhaul P&G's declining business in Asia. Lafley made several changes to the company, including several at Max Factor: Lafley discovered Japanese women disliked the brand, so he focused instead on the SK-II cream instead. Within five years, it would become Japan's top prestige cosmetics brand, outselling Shiseido. SK-II has since expanded into several markets, however, products sold outside of Asia do not bear the Max Factor name; the brand it simply called "SK-II". In Japan, and most of Asia, SK-II is a sub-brand of Max Factor, and still bear his name.