Saturday, July 10, 2010

Biotherm Biopur Range : An Experiment

I must say that for the last two weeks I've a very terrible breakouts. Even tough I've advised you to not pop pimples but I just can't help it. I tried a lot of acne solution products from various brands, you just name it, it just keep coming. At first, I thought the breakouts caused by SK-II Refining because I just added it in my regime but after did a skin check at SK-II counter, OMG, I do have a lot of clogged pores for a very long time. So, SK-II Refining just helped me to remove and clean off my pores for all the "permanent" dirts & debris which used to be happily clogged my pores. Maybe that's the reason why I keep getting all the acne plus with all the pressures I received from my office works. Actually, the SK-II promoter personally asked me to stop using SK-II Refining for a while, just to monitor and identify the root cause of my acne problem but I already identified the cause. After did the skin check test at SK-II counter, I bought Body Shop Mask and gave it a try. Few days later, tadaaa... acne was everywhere but I guessed, it's not possible because it is a Tea Tree Oil Mask. So, after treated my acne, I gave Body Shop mask an another try and tadaaa... indeed, my skin is sensitive to their products.

From my experience, SK-II is good in maintaining your skin conditions but takes a lot of time to treat acne. It does slow down the acne but you just can't stop it. So, yesterday, I thought maybe it's time for me to try other product. Besides, SK-II is very expensive and they just increased the price by 10% last April. I don't think I can keep up with their price anymore. So, yesterday I bought a trial pack from Biotherm counter and it's cost me RM45.00 only. The result, so far, no new acne and less oily. Maybe I give it a try for a week and if give a better result, this could be the end of this blog.

p/s: Should I throw away all my SK-II products if Biotherm give better result?