Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why SK-II? Not Lab Series?

My first experience with SK-II started October 2008 when I'm looking for new skin care product. Previously, I kept changing my facial wash from Safi, Neutrogena, Nivea & many other brands. I believe I have spent a lot of money for facial wash only but never satisfied with the result. My skin still looks dull and unhealthy. Some might asked, how do I know my skin product(s) do not give an expected result? When I saw pictures of me with others. While others look radiant, I'm still hiding in the shadow.

As a man, my first option was Lab Series products. After reading about it in the Men's Health magazine, maybe that's what I really need for my skin. Looks affordable and created exclusively for men. So, I approached Lab Series counter at Sogo Shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, nobody was there. After waiting for several minutes, someone came and started promoting the products. Since I'm not really used to this products, I have asked a lot of questions that day. But maybe because the way I'm dressed that day was too simple and potrayed an image of "people with no money" (t-shirt, jeans & sandal), the promoter gave me a synical look and quite reluctant to answer my questions. That's how people can be easily deceived by looks only. Never judged a book by its cover. Frustrated with the response I got, changed my mind and decided to stick with my current product.

While waiting for my friend to purchase his perfume, I tried to wander around and noticed Clinique, Dior, YSL and many more (just to name a few). Then SK-II. Hrmm... should I give SK-II a try? But this brand only been used by women. Never read anywhere in the men's magazine excepts as a gift for your lovely wife. Reviews for men? None. Anxiously, I approached the counter and my first question was "Miss, sorry if this sound a little bit akward. Can man used this product too?". With a warm smile, the promoter answered, "Why not? Yes, SK-II is very popular with women but there is no restriction why men cannot try this. Why, are you interested?". Then she explained all the basic info that I needed to know and for a start, she recommended me to try SK Facial Treatment Essence - the most basic but powerful product from SK-II. If I satisfied with the result, then maybe I should consider other products later but subject to my budget. The best thing about this product is you could use it with other brand too. I tried it and as far as I noticed, no side effects.

The first experience that gonna change your life - Yes, I believe I make the right choice to give SK-II a try. Of course, the price for SK-II is expensive but the products could be last up to 3 - 6 months depending on how you are using it. Each product will expire three years from the manufacturing date and should be enough to convince you why this products are affordable in the long run. Btw, to all promoters, never judged people from their appearances but thanks to Lab Series' promoter, now I'm a loyal SK-II's customer.