Monday, January 4, 2010

SK-II Skin Signature Series

The SK-II Skin Signature Series is about Skin Power and its tipping point. Principal scientist and associate director, scientific communications and public relations for P&G Beauty Dr Colin D’Silva explains further to Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan from New Straits Times.

Q: What makes the Skin Signature Series such an important milestone in the development of anti-ageing technology?
A: The new insights of skin power and its tipping point. This is the first time that we have been able to explain the sudden appearance of multiple ageing signs during age milestones like the 30s (when skin experiences the first major tipping point). The other would be the powerful combination of oli-vityl, pitera and signaline that has shown tremendous results in boosting skin power.

Q: What is skin power?
A: It’s the skin’s natural ability to withstand stress and maintain its texture, radiance and firmness. Skin without skin power is dull, less firm and rough.

Q: Does everyone have a skin tipping point? What is the average age this occurs?
A: Our research has found that the tipping point typically occurs in the 30s, but this varies with each individual and can occur anytime between the 30s and the 50s.

Q: Why is skin power and skin tipping point important to women?
A: SK-II’s research has found the key to restoring your skin power to fight off intrinsic and extrinsic stress, and regenerate itself for sustained firmness, smoothness and radiance. As skin power declines with age, there is a tipping point marked by a sudden change when skin ageing signs become more obvious.

Q: Why should someone use this product if she is in her 40s and already past her tipping point? 
A: The series is designed to help women increase their skin power. The regimen can help women who are at the pre-tipping point or tipping point phases to prolong these phases. Those who are in the post-tipping point phase will be able to restore their skin, bringing it closer to its pre-tipping point phase.

Q: Where can I measure my skin power?
A: SK-II has developed an advanced tool called the SkinPhone to help consumers measure skin power quotient (SPQ) which are available at SK-II counters.

Q: What makes this product different from other branded anti-ageing creams?
A: The series is designed to enhance the skin’s tolerance against intrinsic and extrinsic stress. This daily skin essential goes beyond rectifying problems to boost skin power from within with its powerful cocktail of oli-vityl, signaline and pitera. Studies showed visible improvements in eight weeks with recommended regular use.

Comment: Referring to this article, SK-II Skin Signature Series is more suitable for women than men. Personally, I believe all men should embrace ageing as it's shown maturity and wisdom. But maybe I'll change my mind after reach mid 30s later.