Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Secretly admiring SK-II

While browsing the internet to search about SK-II products, I found that most of consumers are women. Oh boy, suddenly I felt such an embarrassment to post review about SK-II. It's really difficult to find reviews wrote by men and who gonna admit that they are secretly using the SK-II in their daily life. That's why I created this new blog just to share something that cannot be posted in my personal blog. I'm just not ready yet and I believe most women are also still not ready to hear this kind of revelation.

Well, our hormone works differently, right? Female with their oestrogen and male with testosterone. Therefore, maybe SK-II might not works perfectly as what miracle water has done to female. I'm not a scientist so maybe I'm wronged! To try a new product that is totally alien to us, could be very terrifying for some guys. Even myself, until now, I still remember the day I approached SK-II, I risked everything just to ask about the product.

After a year using SK-II, I'm not gonna not lie that I still got acne but maybe because I'm not religiously used the product. Can you name any guy who would love to spend 30 minutes TWICE a day (day & night) in front of the mirror just to put up all those things on their face - toner, essence and moisterizer? Seriously, in 30 minutes there a lot of things can be done! I only do the basic steps - using the SK-II Facial Wash & SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Just recently I added my products because got it free. But my skin has improved alot - skin tone changed and less acne. I have an oily skin so it's hard to get rid from acne. I'm not sure until when I'm gonna use SK-II and can't imagine how to confess to my girlfriend/wife that I'm a regular user of SK-II. Just pray that day never comes! Sometimes I wonder, what if one day I receive an invitation to attend SK-II Tea Party? Will I go?

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